Being a small café business on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook may have you feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Using social media to grow your business, create connections with customers and build up your brand may seem like a huge task, but here are some social media marketing tips to help you stand out.

1. Build your Social Media Plan:

Firstly, begin by writing up your individual plans for each social media platform. By creating goals and objectives, you’ll be able to pinpoint what content is relevant to you and your audience, and you'll be able to determine what metrics you should use to measure your social media success. Website clicks, online referrals, and conversion rates are a good way to track how well your business is doing.

*Reminder: start small with only one or two social media accounts so you are able to track your success more closely.

2. Post Often and Consistently:

Stay relevant to potential customers social media feed. Don’t get forgotten amongst thousands of other social media accounts. Set yourself a schedule and plan what days of the week and what time you’ll post your content.

3. Be Engaging:

Your content must be interesting for you to gain and maintain followers. Post more videos, use trending hashtags and don’t use your social media platform to solely market your brand. Followers aren’t engaged with constant advertising and it will quickly dull your online relationship with them. Also, don’t forget to interact with followers by liking their own posts and replying to their comments.

With these social media tips you’ll be on your way to creating a strong online presence and will be able to gain a few more customers along the way!

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