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LaCimbali has been designing, manufacturing and distributing coffee equipment since 1912.  Based in Binasco (Milan), the group is a world leader in the production of traditional machines, with a 25% market share.  Its technological innovations, reliability and in-cup quality is what makes LaCimbali a world leader in commercial coffee equipment. 

LaCimbali continually invests in Research and Development: with departments for mechanical design, laboratory, electronic design and technological innovation.  Their equipment is designed and manufactured to simplify the barista’s daily tasks and meet the strictest international standards for safety of use and food hygiene.

The company is a founding member of an association whose specific goal is to recover end-of-life equipment.  By using environmentally-friendly plastics and materials – such as copper, brass, iron, aluminium and steel – LaCimbali equipment is easy to recycle.  Moreover, the latest generation machines are equipped with solutions that are energy saving.

Service Sphere are proud to be the authorised Master Importer of LaCimbali in Australia with the backup of factory trained technicians.


LaCimbali Product Range


LaCimbali M21 Junior

M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those who, although have limited space at their disposal, still want to offer traditional Italian-style espresso coffee and cappuccino. It is a one-group machine for small production needs, available both in an automatic (M21 Junior DT) and semi-automatic (M21 Junior S) version.



LaCimbali M24

The compact model, which completes the M24 series, is particularly suitable for those who do not want to give up the in-the-cup quality and the reliability of LaCimbali tradition, but only have a limited work space available.



LaCimbali M27

M27 is an elegant and versatile machine, that's easy to use, adjust and maintain. Ergonomic and sturdy, the M27 is made of steel and aluminium and is equipped with a reliable fixed-nozzle thermosiphon system able to guarantee consistency in cup.



LaCimbali M34

With a new industrial look, and a gutsy temperament: the M34 LaCimbali guarantees reliability and a response to all your production needs: advanced electronics for a perfect espresso, hi-tech solutions for saving energy and painstaking attention to the design. The M34 is the ideal tool for overcoming the hardest challenge – satisfying your customers.



LaCimbali M100

Elegance, reliability, energy saving and high performance: the M100 is designed around the finest tradition of Italian espresso coffee. The M100 is equipped with a thermal system with two heat exchangers in series and independent coffee boilers. With state of the art software, this green machine is the latest generation eco-technological solutions thought to conjugate energy saving and environmental respect.