Canberra-based Ona Coffee has announced that it will be opening its first café in Sydney.

The new store will be located in Marrickville in the cities inner-west. The venue will be managed by Isaac Kim who competed in the 2018 Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Brewers Cup, who has the vision of maximising education for the customer.

To help with this the bar equipment, including the machines and grinders, will be lowered to allow for the barista to look over the barrier that would normally separate them from customers. The stores layout is designed to allow for ease of communication and will be an extension of what the company has already done with existing shops.

The Ona Marrickville café will not only operate as a café during the day, but will also have training facilities, host functions and events, and house the New South Whale’s division of the Ona wholesale team.

Ona has enjoyed success over recent years in the ASCA National Coffee Championships, Brewers Cup Championship, and World Barista Competition. This has included three consecutive Australian Barista Championship titles, a World Barista Champion and Runner-Up in the World Brewers Cup.

The Ona Coffee Marrickville store is set to open this month.

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